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Síla na Géige
Sheela na Gig and Sacred Space
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how this all started

Síla of the Paradox:
The Hag of Winter and the Maiden of Spring

Old Woman of the Stones:
Historical Sheela

Word Magic:
Etymological Síla

Ceremonial Síla

Síla of the Trees

Síla, Sheela, and Sacred Space

In Conclusion


Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism

Sheela na Gig / Síle na Géige / Síla of the Trees

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Originally appeared in the Winter '98/'99 issue of Sagewoman Magazine, “Sacred Spaces, Sacred Places”.

BACK to Síla na Géige.  Kilpeck Sheela -- 12th cent CE--original sculptor unknown.  Drawing copyright ©1998 kpt/katharsis ink
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