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A Self-Inflicted Curse Falls Upon All Plagiarists
A Kathryn Rant. If you're one of those people who's here to copy and paste and steal material, read it and weep. If you're one of the many hard-working authors and artists who have been stolen from (or anyone who deplores plagiarism), feel welcome to link to it, and join our anti-plagiarism group. And if you don't know which of these you are, please go to the links section at the anti-plagiarism group and read some of the articles about copyright and what is and isn't fair use. Consider yourself warned. *cackle cackle*

Síla na Géige - Sheela na Gig and Sacred Space
By Kathryn. This article originally appeared as Síla of the Trees in the “Sacred Spaces, Sacred Places” issue of Sagewoman Magazine (Winter '98/'99). As more research is done, I am continually updating the text. The article is now profusely illustrated with additional drawings, lots of photos of the Sheelas and links to other Sheela sites.
This piece is a pretty good representation of our group's combination scholarly/psychic research methods, and of some of my current works-in-progress.

When Good Circles go Bad
By Paul, mainly, with additions here and there by Kathryn. This originally appeared as an article in the Beltane/Summer Solstice, 1993 issue (Vol. 1, No. 3) of Tides, A Journal of Wicca and NeoPagan Spirituality. This article has also appeared in the Dutch publication, The Wiccan Rede.
This is more in response to the general Pagan Gatherings experience than CR or GP, but applicable to any open ritual or dubious ceremony.

Fear, or Fearg?
By Kathryn. This essay is exclusive to this website. Dealing with domestic violence, from a Gaelic Polytheist woman's perspective.

The Death and Re-Birth of Bow-Wow
By Paul. Originally appeared in Harvest, Yule 1991.
Still haven't found that poppet...
Personal history, intuitive magic and family traditions.
(btw: The bear was named Bow-Wow because the child had always wanted a dog. You figure it out.)

Lammas Men (and Other Seasonal Biohazards)
By Kathryn. Originally appeared in Harvest, Lughnassadh 1992. Not so much Gaelic as about some of the inconsistencies in Wicca that led me to develop a CR/GP path instead. The dialogue about the hypocrisy I saw in the Pagan community surrounding the issue of Sacrifice, that I hoped would follow publication of this article, didn't really happen (though, thankfully, GP folks take this stuff very seriously). I tried to spin it like I wasn't really on either side of the issue, in terms of action, just that I wanted people to realize that some of the ways people were approaching this ritual and myth were grossly hypocritical and divorced from reality. Very few people, that I know of, seemed to get it at the time. Though I mostly took a humorous approach to the subject, I believe it's a very serious issue. I know how I feel about it, even if I purposely didn't spell it all out in the article. Who knows if it made anyone really re-examine their part in the myth cycles... or their ideas of what those rituals really mean...

Candlemas Imbolc
By Screaming Ssnake Womoon. Originally Appeared in Harvest, Imbolc 1992. Lamenting the "horrifyingly macho, anti-celebratory" tendencies of MoodSwing Coven... And the rocky transition from eclectic, Genero-Paganism to a more land-based Gaelic tradition.

more to come...

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