Pictish drawing by George Bain, Latha na Cailleach color version copyright 1998 kpt/katharsis ink Invocations Pictish drawing by George Bain, Latha na Cailleach color version copyright 1998 kpt/katharsis ink

"I invoke the Moonstone Website..."
Students of Early Irish poetry will recognize this, uh, tribute(?) or is it a satire? I'm not really sure.

All thanks and apologies to the original author(s) and translators, my Ancestors of the Spirit (and of the Mind, and probably of the Body as well). I "published" a similiar version electronically on Compuserve, I think it was in 1993 or '94. -k

healing rann
The first section I wrote, the middle is almost unchanged from the Carmina Gadelica, the last section in partially mine and partially back-engineered from a different Carmina prayer. At least I think that's how this happened. I put it together for someone who's not CR or GP, so the imagery is a little more general in places. I thought about changing it for the web, but after using it in a series of rather intense healing rituals and distributing it in hardcopy for this purpose, it exists outside of me in its own energy matrix now. So I decided to leave it as is.

The graphic was painstakingly redrawn from a plate in The Book of Durrow.

"I have been..."
Again, from the title, the inspiration for this should be obvious. But the form was not filked this time. This came to me when I was reading Morgan Llywelyn's novel, Bard. I was inspired especially by Amergin's vision when he's in the woods with Sinnan, deeply experiencing the interconnectedness of all life: how spirit flows from one thing to another, endlessly weaving us all together. Though I was CR when I wrote this, parts of my ritual practice were still in transition, and I wrote it for a NeoPagan publication -- so there is still a bit of the "four element" model going on. It was originally published in Tides, Vol.1, No.4, Lughnasad/Fall Equinox, 1993.

I built the background (also used for the graphic above) in Photoshop, based upon a scan of the Pictish Hilton of Cadboll Stone, Ross-shire, as drawn by George Bain. -k

more to come...

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