A Self-Inflicted Curse Falls Upon All Plagiarists

How do you Sleep?

Conscientious, empathic people lose a lot of sleep. They worry about friends and family, they wonder if they've done the right thing. They re-examine their words and actions and question whether they're living up to their own standards of integrity, honesty and compassion. If life is going very well, they can sleep well. But often the troubles of the world weigh upon them and sleep is hard to find.

Many artists and intellectuals struggle with insomnia. Cathy and I used to call it "too brilliant to sleep." The Imbas runs fire through your head and heart, one inspiration follows hard upon another, and it's all you can do to get the ideas scrawled down on paper, hoping the notes will make sense later on when you're calmer and better-rested.

Dim bulbs seem to sleep pretty well. Unless they're worriers... And unless they're just smart enough to know they are stupid, and find this realization troubling.

Sociopaths sleep the deepest, most untroubled sleep of all. "Like a baby." They have no conscience. They have no hesitations or fears that they may have unintentionally harmed another. If they harmed someone, it was probably fully intentional. And they got off on it. With serene smiles of joy at the pain they inflict, they drift deep, deep into the arms of Morpheus. No problems at all...

But what gives sociopaths insomnia is when their egos have been challenged, when they've lost at one of their manipulative, lying games - when something challenges their perceived dominance over others. Then they stay up all night frantically and incoherently e-mailing, ranting about how they're really the victims in the matter. Legal teams shut them down for copyright infringement, and they scream that they're being attacked for their religion, or their politics. Never mind that many boards on the same server - full of folks of their same religious and political persuasions - flourish, as long as the members publish original content. The sociopaths claim, and seem to truly believe, "everyone steals." So they spew hate and projection on the folks who caught them, the folks they stole from, the lawyers who shut them down.

When it's only a small-time idiot who's stopped from thieving, it can be pretty damn funny to watch them try to cover their asses. Doubling back and tripping all over themselves, endlessly revising their backstories, editing or deleting their posts, building lie upon lie until even the most slow or kind-hearted of their colleagues begins to see the truth of the matter.

But it's sad how much of this goes on. Mainly on the web, but among some hardcopy publishers as well. There are authors among us who've had their words stolen from listserves and submitted for publication to unethical occult presses, sometimes successfully. Then come the lawsuits. Justice is usually served, eventually, but the time and money and hassle keep some from even pursuing recompense. This is changing, though. I see it changing now.

A special ring of some tortuous underworld is reserved for these plagiarists, these liars, these thieves. And all the Goddesses of the Aes Dána, all Their divine family, friends, lovers, and cousins of all cultures, keep watch over the gifted artists and authors who serve Them. The most wrathful of deities now fall upon the thieves of others' words and art, the thieves of the work of the filidh.

As these plagiarists insult the Goddesses of Art through their actions, the Goddesses desert them. The more they steal, the more their own words fail them. The more they harm the filidh, the more the wrath of the Warrior Goddesses falls upon their heads.

For the Warrior Goddesses love the Goddesses of Art. And They defend Their own.

May plagiarists find no comfort, no inspiration, no true words of their own. May their wits desert them, and all see them for what they truly are.

So be their fate. So be their dán. So be their doom. Until they admit their crimes and make restitution. Let the Goddesses forgive them, because I do not.

Sin E. It is Done.


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