We have three options available for you to promote CAORANN and our mission: Banners | Flyers / Brochures | T-Shirts


Feel free to use the CAORANN banners to spread awareness of the need for anti-racist and anti-appropriation activism in our communities.

The only requirements for displaying these banners are:
  1. You and/or your group are anti-racist and opposed to cultural appropriation.
  2. The banner must not be modified in any way.
  3. You must include a link back to this webpage.
When we first made these banners, most people were using them on their personal websites and blog sidebars, to link to our site. While people still do this, the advent of user icons on social media - which do not allow for a direct link to an outside website - has created a different situation. Some have used our official logo, with no link to our page, and this has created some confusion. So, for social media use, we are asking that people only use the versions with our website address. M�ran Taing!

Please only use the images below if they are for a direct URL link to our site (as in, a click on the image brings you to

Note - It has come to our attention that some people are using these banners on their social networking pages while participating in, and even promoting, racist, appropriative "shamanism," or claiming to have "safe places" when they clearly only mean, "safe places for white people." Perhaps they are simply unclear on what we are about and have not read our site. If you encounter anyone using our images in this way, please take the initiative to educate them. Thanks, we appreciate it.

Additionally, please see the updates at the top of the resources page.

Flyers / Brochures

We have several brochures available in pdf form, some produced by CAORANN and some in collaboration with Gaol Naofa. We are also helping host some of the Gaol Naofa pdfs on our server.


Maybe not coming soon. We need to make sure that people who are not part of our groups do not claim to represent us. So... we might not be doing T-Shirts, at least not for public distribution. Or not any time soon. If you see anyone selling anything with our logo on it, let us know; because we haven't authorized anything like that.