How to Help

There are numerous ways to get involved and to help us draw the line against oppression, racism, cultural appropriation and Neo-Nazism in our communities. CAORANN is dedicated to educating both the general public and those in the Celtic, Pagan and New Age communities.
  1. Educate yourself and your family (and friends) - Visit our Resources page, read the links on this site, and learn more about how traditional cultures are suffering at the hands of others and get involved. Listen more than you talk. If you are white, read the links about white privilege and learn to sort through your knapsack.
  2. Participate in Inter-faith dialogue - Learning about the people and cultures of the world - from the respected representatives of those cultures as well as regular people of diverse backgrounds - is one of the best ways to become aware of oppression and racism.
  3. Live ethically - Whatever your religion or spiritual lifeway, ethics are a huge part of it. Encourage yourself and others to live according to the virtues of your beliefs, to put away hate and to live with compassion. Commit yourself to confronting racism and ignorance when it shows up in your social circles and in the world at large. Refuse to support events and publications that promote appropriators and other racists.
  4. Promote CAORANN - Visit the Promote page to get banners for your websites (and social networks), printable flyers, and t-shirts.
  5. Be the media - All media is biased in one way or another but this can be combated by the people. With the influx of social networking, getting the word out about cultural appropriation, hate, opression, and more has never been easier.
Note - It has come to our attention that some people are using these banners on their social networking pages while participating in, and even promoting, appropriative "shamanism," or claiming to have "safe places" when they clearly only mean, "safe places for white people." Perhaps they are simply unclear on what we are about and have not read our site. If you encounter anyone using our images in this way, please take the initiative to educate them. Thanks, we appreciate it.

Additionally, please see the updates at the top of the resources page.