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Some pages from tour old site are still archived on this server,
but most of our work has shifted to individual writing projects
as well as our work with CAORANN and Gaol Naofa.

Gaol Naofa - Gaelic Polytheism

Check out our Gaol Naofa FAQ, which is more recent than the CR FAQ, and goes into much more detail
about Gaelic Polytheism as preserved and practiced by the members of our community.

The Gaol Naofa Gaelic Polytheism FAQ

CAORANN - Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism

Kathryn can usually be found at her blog:

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And for the best, consensus introduction to, and definition of, Celtic Reconstructionism:

The CR FAQ - An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionism - home of the CR FAQ and other resources

Archives on this server include:

Síla na Géige - sheela na gig - Geas Jeans - Your Ass Will Look GREAT!  - Geas® logo copyright ©1992, 1998 kpt/katharsis ink

Favorite posts include: Guess What? You Are Not Indigenous. Thoughts on the history of Celtic Reconstructionism, 1985 - 2008.Need Some Guidance Through the DARKNESS of Pagandom? - death crones logo copyright ©1986

enter the darkness... (The KARMA!!! the KARMA!!!!  copyright ©1986,1999 flaming crones)
enter the realm of
the death crones

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