death crones
spinoffs, sequels and scary scary poetry

Clipart Castle Snake animation by Phil Baker. Purple variation doktored by kpt/katharsis

While the death crones do not necessarily endorse nor claim responsiblity for the following, they here offer some fond tributes, work by friends and cohorts, and dark curiosities. (feel the power of the darkness...)

Journeys and Medications for Modern Geilts (aka: Drugs of the Gods)
by Screaming Ssnake Womoon. An exclusive to this site.

Death Crone Meets Warrior Maiden
by Cheryl Stewart. Finally available! The long-awaited first episode of the Warrior Maiden Saga.

the death crones POWER SONG
by Screaming Ssnake Womoon, Shrieking Sserpent Wimmoon, and Bellowing EARTH Womoon. This has been a “secret” page on the site for a while now, only viewable by compulsive searchers who clicked on all the frames of "Heal the Earth." We figured the time had come to share the darkness. Don't blame us - Hecafé made us them do it.

more to come...

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