Journeys and Medications for Modern Geilts

(aka: Drugs of the Gods)


I invoke the Land of Prozac!
Yea, not just Prozac, but
All the Selective Serotonin
Reuptake Inhibitors!
The SSRI's! The Tricyclics!
(...and perhaps some tranquilizers for
CuChulainn, please...)
I invoke the Land of Prozac!!!

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I am the storm-tossed God
with the Pain in my head!
And the RED MIST, which
makes me do AWFUL things!
The Terrible Lightning
That shoots from my eyes!
Will destroy all I touch!
(...well, unless i take my anti-psychotic meds...)
I am the storm-tossed God!!!

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A great and terrible pain is upon CuChulainn.
The pharmacy will not fill his prescription.
And no one will insure him.

His vision is reddened with blood.
The floor of the pharmacy is awash in gore.
And many fine heads now adorn his belt.

The obstacles have been cleared. With honor.
But now he can't seem to work the computer
or find the right bottles
and there is no one left to help him.
He stands alone.
A great and terrible pain is upon CuChulainn.

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The Winter Hag is fierce and terrible!
Blasting and Killing with Her brutal, icy winds.
Decimating all in Her path with horrible rains of Fire.

Laughing and Shrieking as she flings boulders,
Creates landslides, blizzards, famine, more death.
Today, She does not care who she kills or maims
--She's having too much fun!

Does She need therapy?
Just More AMPHETAMINES!!!!!!!!!!


I have been...
-- A threefold Goddess.
-- A fivefold God.
-- A newly fledged eagle, soaring
high above the mountain peaks.

I have been...
-- A wolf, howling in the icy wasteland
-- A demon, ravaging the countryside
-- A mighty boar, rooting in the trash-heap
of life.

But then...
-- I got therapy and meds
for my Multiple Personality Disorder,
Gender Dysphoria
and Manic Depression.

I was there
at the beginning of the World.
And I will be there
at the end. Laughing.
But for now
they've put me
in a mental institution.
There's no safe place
for Modern Geilts.

Language note: Geilt - Gaelic for sacred madness. The third type of inspiration (the others being Imbas - poetic inspiration, and Fearg - battle madness). It is often said that the spiritual testing that makes for an inspired poet is very arduous, and that once you undertake the challenge, you come back either mad or a poet. And perhaps some have come back as both. or all three. the horror. the horror.

Late-breaking Epilogue:

broke out of the hospital!
scored some LSD!

Shaking the Snake(s) copyright 1987 - 1999 flaming crones
Screaming Ssnake Womoon is the current High Priestess of MoodSwing Circle, having defeated the former HPS at the traditional Lughnassadh mud-wrestling challenge. She holds a Phd in Performance Art and Improvisational Psychodrama from Antioch College. She has performed and recorded magickal musick with an appalling and embarrassing wimmoons band, NewageWhiteGrrrrls, as well as with lesser-known punk, psychobilly, folk and street theatre performance ensembles, only a few of which was she arrested for. She is currently on an extended hunger strike and soul-searching stumble through the wilds of New England. Occasionally she sends back these missives.

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