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síla na géige

CAORANN - Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism

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Gaol Naofa - Gaelic Polytheism

Check out our Gaol Naofa FAQ, which is more recent than the CR FAQ, and goes into much more detail
about Gaelic Polytheism as preserved and practiced by the members of our community.

I originally set up this site back before the proliferation of social media. Back then, buying a domain and learning to code was the only way to have a web presence. So much has changed. Now our websites are only used for major updates, and more frequent activity happens on social media.

In addition to the Gaol Naofa Facebook communities, we now also have an occasionally-used Twitter account and... The Gaol Naofa YouTube channel. We've made 17 videos so far, on topics like the four main Gaelic festivals, as well as local celebrations that only take place in some of the Gaelic-speaking areas, such as Hogmanay, Là na Caillich and Sheela's Day, and Saints' Days that have come to be marked primarily as secular, cultural festivals, such as St. Patrick's Day (and all the issues Irish polytheists face at this, erm, interesting time of year). We also have a variety of playlists for trad and modern Gaelic music, languages, humour, and other fun things that may be of interest.

The Gaol Naofa Gaelic Polytheism FAQ

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Popular posts include: Guess What? You Are Not Indigenous.
Thoughts on the history of Celtic Reconstructionism, 1985 - 2008
. 2006 Interview with Kathryn on Celtic Reconstructionism.

And for what is still the best, and only detailed, consensus introduction to, Celtic Reconstructionism: - a cr gateway The CR FAQ - An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism

Oh yeah, and Buy the Book while you're at it.

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the death crones

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