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Hi friends,

For anyone interested in the People Soup archives...

I currently have only the originals from the printing of the xeroxed, bound editions I made a couple of years ago. The set includes complete copies of every issue and I can make copies of it for a reasonable fee for anyone who might want it. Just e-mail me directly if you're interested.

If there is sufficient interest I can do a second printing. Although the price would have to be a little higher this time to cover costs, it would ultimately cost less than the current option of making only individual copies. My long-range goal is to get them all put on CD-ROM and also do a more extensive index with cross references to names and major topics contained within (although that may be a few years off).

If you are primarily interested in getting copies of just particular issues or years, feel free to let me know what ones you want and I can also send them out at nominal cost, given a little time.

For those who already have the complete set: In May I discovered an error and omission in the original People Soup collection I put together three years ago. The Vol. 7, No. 1 issue from Oct. 1979* is incorrectly indexed and reproduced as 16 pages. It is actually 32 pages, which brings the total number of pages in the set to an even 700. I discovered the missing pages at my print shop totally by accident. I'll be happy to send you the additional 16 pages for free if you'll e-mail me your current mailing address.

This is the general index to the complete set:


Published by Liberal Religious Youth, Inc.

An affiliate organization of the Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, Mass.

Years of Publication: 1973-1982

Total issues: 45

Total pages: 700

VOLUME 1 1973-74

VOLUME 2 1974-75

VOLUME 3 1975-76

VOLUME 4 1976-77

VOLUME 5 1977-78

VOLUME 6 1978-79

VOLUME 7 1979-80

VOLUME 8 1980-81

VOLUME 9/10 1981-82


Ed Inman

Carrying the Bright Flame of Spirit

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