Welcome to COG Labor Day Weekend 2001

This year, COG will once again be at Camp Mishnoah
Holland, Massachussetts
August 31 - September 3

For those of you who are not familiar, COG (Community of Growth), is an open and accepting group, which originally grew out of the Unitarian Universalist Liberal Religious Youth movement. We come together for this annual conference to create a safe space -- to relax, nurture, honor, value, respect, and enjoy one another's company, and get in touch with things that are truly important to us. It is a weekend of freedom to be yourself, create community, and explore our relationship to this planet in the beauty of nature. In our community, we recognize the worth of each person, and trust that individuals will give the best of themselves. It is a balance of old friends and new, a time for quiet solitude and group activity, meal sharing, sleeping late, or getting up with the sunrise.

Activities include swimming and boating, coffeehouse and music, men's/women's groups, a chat about what Unitarianism is, crafts, sports, games, kite flying, backrubs and foot massage, creating meals, hikes, astronomy, frisbee, croquet, juggling, wonderful group-created worships, campfires, and the love feast.

Workshops: We are self-organized, and everyone has the opportunity to run a workshop or activity. From tie-dye to volleyball, women's affirmation to poetry writing, this is your chance to share a bit of yourself in an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring. Though many of us have been a part of COG for many years, we encourage growth, both by nurturing newcomers and encouraging them to join us, and by reaching deep into the spirit that connects us to one another.

A few things you should know: If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Alcohol is permitted, but you must be 21. For those of you who are drinking, please behave responsibly. We have to buy our own liability insurance (and it isn't cheap), so please don't put the conference in jeopardy by doing anything, well, you know, stupid. Children accompanied by parents or guardians are welcome. The community reserves the right to be free of people whose behavior is not in the spirit of the community, and the right to decide what behavior is not acceptable. Any person whose behavior has been decided by the community to be unacceptable must leave.

Things to bring: Your multifaceted beautiful self, warm clothes, swim wear, sleeping bag, massage oil, toys, frisbees, hackeysacks, fairy dust, action figures without kung fu grip, a talent for the coffehouse, a mug for frosty cold beverages and morning java, a workshop idea to share, plastic containers to take home leftovers, an open mind and an adventurous spirit, and all of your friends!!!!

Things NOT to bring: Bad weirdness and attitudes, pets, explosive devices, weapons, work-related stuff, drugs, hard liquor. Beer will be served.

Accommodations are in cabins, with beds, but you need to bring your own bedding, or you may bring a tent if you prefer. Camp Mishnoah is located between Palmer and Brimfield, Massachussetts, about 30 miles from Springfield. The number at the camp is (413) 245-3455. For further information, or questions, call Jake or Dani at : (413) 527-6385. Call at any reasonable evening hour. During weekday daytime hours, call Dani at 413-582-9254, or Janene at (212) 896-5279 for questions and further info.


PLEASE register for COG to let us know that you are coming.

Send your advance registration to: Danielle Lorenzo, 15 Miller Ave, Southampton MA 01073.

or register by E-mail at: billiemtn@aol.com.

Or you may pay at the door, but send your registration ahead of time anyway.

THE COST OF THE WEEKEND IS $75 PER ADULT. CHILDREN UNDER 12 CAN COME FOR FREE. Make checks payable to: Terry Franklin.



PHONE #________________________________________________

FOOD PREFERENCES: Vegetarian? Yes/No Food Allergies? Yes/No


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MEDICAL CONCERNS______________________________________


SIGN HERE:____________________________ DATE___________


From Boston and points east: Take the Sturbridge exit off the Mass Pike (I-90) to route 20 west. Make a left turn onto Holland/Brimfield Rd. Continue for 3 1/2 miles to Camp Mishnoah on the left.

From Springfield and points west: Take the Palmer exit off the Mass Pike (I-90) to route 20 east. After you pass the intersection at St. Christopher1s Church (which is on the right side of the road after leaving Brimfield Center), make an immediate right turn onto Holland/Brimfield Rd. Continue for 3 1/2 miles to Camp Mishnoah on the left.

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